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A. Tax Credit. Each active volunteer who has been certified under the Township’s Volunteer Service Tax Credit Program shall be eligible to receive a real property tax credit of one hundred (100%) percent of the volunteer’s Township real estate tax liability on qualified real property. If the tax is paid in the penalty period, the tax credit shall only apply to the base tax year liability.

B. Claim.

1. An active volunteer with a tax credit certificate may file a claim for the tax credit on their qualified real property tax liability for the Township’s real estate tax levy. The tax credit shall be administered as a refund by the Township Treasurer. An active volunteer shall file the following with the Township Secretary:

(a) A true and correct receipt from the municipal real estate tax collector of the paid municipal real property taxes for the tax year which the claim is being filed.

(b) The tax credit certificate.

(c) Photo identification.

(d) Documentation that the tax paid was for qualified real property as defined in this Chapter.

2. If the active volunteer provides all documents required under this subsection, the Township Treasurer shall issue the tax refund in the amount designated above to the active volunteer.

C. Rejection of the Tax Credit Claim.

1. The Township Secretary shall reject the claim for a municipal real property tax credit if the taxpayer fails to provide the documents required under subsection (B)(1) of this Section.

2. If the Township Secretary rejects the claim, the taxpayer shall be notified in writing of the decision. The notice shall include the reasons for the rejection and provide the method of appealing the decision pursuant to Section 105 of this Chapter.

3. Taxpayers shall have thirty (30) calendar days to appeal the decision of the Township Secretary. (Ord. 233, 4/10/2019, §1 (Exh. A); as amended by Ord. 239, 12/9/2020, §2)