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1. The provisions of this Part are intended as a minimum standard for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. If literal compliance with this Part is shown (by a person responsible for the installation of a sign) to be unreasonable or to cause an undue hardship as it applies to a particular sign, the Board of Supervisors may grant a waiver from such provision(s). However, the granting of a modification shall not have the effect of making null and void the intent and purpose of this Part.

2. In granting modifications, the Board of Supervisors may impose such conditions as will, in its judgment, secure the objectives of the standards of this Part.

3. All requests for modifications shall be in writing and shall include the specific sections of the ordinance in question, provisions for alternatives to the ordinance requirements and documentation including (but not limited to) photographs of said proposed sign. The Board of Supervisors shall make a determination (in writing) within thirty (30) calendar days following the date of submission of the application in question (unless an extension is granted by the Applicant to the Township). Failure of the Supervisors to timely act shall be considered a deemed approval of the request. (Ord. 204, §108)