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1. All principal structures in the Township shall have a building number sign containing the address assigned by Monroe County for the 911 emergency call system.

A. Building numbers shall be depicted on both sides of the building number sign in Arabic numerals in four (4) inch tall reflective white lettering on a dark green background made of reflective sheeting.

B. All building number sign blades shall be six (6) inches by eighteen (18) inches.

C. The numbers may be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

(1) Horizontal Display: The numbers shall be positioned horizontally and correctly read from left to right.

(2) Vertical Display: The numbers shall be positioned vertically and correctly read from top to bottom.

D. The building number sign shall be installed at a location where the driveway intersects with the private roadway and/or the Township roadway right-of-way and/or State roadway right-of-way.

(1) Be mounted on a stand-alone post or pole. Such signage should optimally be erected six (6) to eight (8) feet from the edge of the road pavement.

(2) Be mounted on top of a mailbox, only if the mailbox is located on the same side of the street as the driveway/entrance and only if the mailbox is located at the intersection of the street and the driveway.

(3) Contains the building number and no other information.

E. The building number sign shall be easily visible by at least fifty (50) feet by emergency responders as they approach the subject property from either direction on the roadway.

F. The height of the building number sign installed on the approved post or mount shall be at least four (4) feet from grade to bottom of sign but no greater than eight (8) feet from grade to top of sign.

G. The property owner shall be responsible for the removal of all obstructions (including snow) to permit the sign to be visible from the roadway.

2. All property owners shall purchase building number signs from either the Township or any other entity provided the signs conform to the specifications and requirements of this Part.

3. No additional street number signage is required to be erected on the building itself.

4. If the building number sign post and/or mount is knocked down and/or removed and/or otherwise covered by an unforeseen occurrence, the owner of the property shall repair and/or reinstall the building number sign within ten (10) days of the occurrence. (Ord. 204, §107)