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All street name sign standards in this Part are intended to conform to the recommendations of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices published in March 2011 and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) requirements per 67 Pa.Code 212.118 or as hereafter amended, including the use of the term “street name sign.”

A. The Township shall initially install all new street name signs on Township and private roads with the requirements of this Part

1. The sign and pole on which the sign is mounted shall be made of a material and installed in a manner approved by the Township and shall meet the approved current Township and/or PennDOT standards and specifications for street and/or road signs as set forth within the current edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, as amended (MUTCO).

2. The text of the sign shall be six (6) inches in height, all capital letters and spaced in a manner so it is identifiable and readable from both sides of the roadway. The sign face shall be eight (8) inches in height exclusive of the border, if any.

3. The text shall be in reflective white letters and/or numbers in accordance with the minimum retro reflectivity requirements of MUTCO, as amended, with green background.

4. The sign shall be located on a ten (10) feet tall pole.

5. The background of the sign shall be green in color so that the text of the sign is more visible in accordance with MUTCO, as amended.

6. The signs shall be mounted at each roadway intersection in accordance with MUTCO, as amended.

7. Signs naming the roadways at the intersection shall be installed with their faces parallel to the roadways they name.

8. The sign shall be retro reflective or illuminated to show the same shape and color both day and night.

B. Private Roads. After the initial installation of a street sign on a private road by the Township, the owner(s) of the private road shall be responsible for the repair or replacement of the street sign.

1. If a private roadway sign is knocked down and/or removed and/or otherwise damaged or destroyed for any reason the owner(s) and/or maintainer of the private roadway shall repair and/or reinstall the roadway sign within thirty (30) calendar days of the occurrence.

2. The owners of any new roadways shall procure the official roadway name assignment and complete the requisite sign installation as part of the normal subdivision and land development process. New roadways shall be assigned a name and the requisite sign shall be installed within thirty (30) calendar days after completion of the roadway.

3. The signs may be obtained from either the Township or any other entity provided the signs conform to the specifications and requirements of this Part. (Ord. 204, §106)