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1. District Regulations Are of Two (2) Types; Use Regulations and Development Standards. The intent of each zoning district, and regulations that shall apply in each, are given in the Schedule of District Regulations attached hereto and made a part hereof. Whenever any owner or occupant of any property in Smithfield Township shall, for any purpose or in any manner:

A. establish a new use;

B. commercially clear, excavate or grade land for purposes of making permanent structural improvements to a property;

C. change an existing use;

D. make permanent structural improvements to a property;

E. erect a new building;

F. move, alter, add to or enlarge any existing land use or building;

such owner or occupant shall first comply with these and the other requirements of this Chapter and obtain a zoning permit, unless specifically exempted from such requirements by this Chapter. A zoning permit shall be required whenever a change in land use occurs, regardless whether any new construction is involved or not.

2. If a proposed use is not included in any category of uses or within any zoning district on the Schedule of District Regulations, the Board of Supervisors shall render a formal determination as to whether or not the use is permitted in a given district and if the use is permitted, it shall then process the application as a conditional use. The Board of Supervisors shall make its determination on the basis of similarities of the use to other specifically listed uses within various districts, taking into consideration the impacts of the use on the community and the neighborhood in which it is proposed. This provision is intended to avoid being exclusionary with respect to unlisted uses not otherwise prohibited by this Chapter. This provision shall not be used to reclassify uses that are already listed nor shall the Board of Supervisors allow any use which is not listed in a particular district if that use is already permitted in another district. (Ord. 187, 4/18/2008, §4)