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1. This Part is adopted pursuant to the authority conferred by 1984 Pa. Laws 164, codified at 74 Pa.C.S. §151 et seq.

2. It is hereby found that an obstruction has the potential for endangering the lives and property of users of the Stroudsburg-Pocono Airport, and property or occupants of land in its vicinity; that an obstruction may affect existing and future instrument approach minimums of the Stroudsburg-Pocono Airport; and that an obstruction may reduce the size of areas available for the landing, takeoff and maneuvering of aircraft, thus tending to destroy or impair the utility of the Stroudsburg-Pocono Airport and the public investment therein. Accordingly, it is declared:

A. That the creation or establishment of an obstruction has the potential of being a public nuisance and may injure the region served by the Stroudsburg-Pocono Airport.

B. That it is necessary in the interest of the public health, safety, morals and general welfare that the creation or establishment of obstructions that are a hazard to air navigation be prevented.

C. That the prevention of these obstructions should be accomplished, to the extent legally possible, by the exercise of the police power without compensation.

3. It is further declared that the prevention of the creation or establishment of hazards to air navigation, the elimination, removal, alteration or mitigation of hazards to air navigation, or the marking and lighting of obstructions are public purposes for which a political subdivision may raise and expend public funds and acquire land or interests in land. (Ord. 187, 4/18/2008, §4)