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1. Connection Required. All persons holding legal title or an interest therein (the “owner”) to real property in the Township containing a building which abuts a main of the water system must make connections to such main, shall use exclusively water from such main as their water supply for human consumption, except as hereinafter provided, and shall be responsible to pay for all related connection costs.

2. Unlawful to Maintain Private Supply System. It shall be unlawful for any owner who is required to connect to the water system pursuant to this Part to construct or maintain any other supply system from wells or other private sources, except as provided in 53 P.S. §67603. Such private facilities shall be disconnected in the manner required by regulations of the authority and DEP.

3. Application Required. All owners required to connect to the water system shall file with the authority an application for connection in the form provided by the authority and shall pay the tapping fee and connection charge, if any, then in effect. Thereafter, the authority shall issue a connection permit, tap its main and provide water service the main to the curb for all such new connections.

4. Use of Contractors. Any owner who has applied for permission to connect to the authority's main, who has paid the tapping fee, and connection charge, if any, and received a connection permit from the authority may construct a connection to the water system, at the curb, utilizing his own contractor. Such connection shall be made in strict conformity with the rules and regulations of the authority, and the owner will indemnify and hold harmless the Township and the authority from all loss and damage arising from construction by such owner.

5. Township or Authority as its Agent may Perform Uncompleted Connection. In the event that any owner fails to make the required connection within ninety (90) days of receiving notice by personal service or registered mail of the connection requirement, the Township, or the authority as the Township's agent, shall be empowered to enter the subject property and perform the necessary work.

6. Billing of Property Owners. Where the Township or the authority as its agent constructs a connection because of a property owner's failure to do so, the Township, or the authority, as applicable, shall submit an itemized bill to the owner for the completed work, which shall be immediately payable. In case of neglect or refusal by such owner to pay said bill within thirty (30) days thereafter, it shall be the duty of the Township or the authority as its agent to file municipal liens for the amount of such bill, or collect such bill by an action in assumpsit. In the alternative, the Township or the authority as the Township's agent, may authorize the payment of the cost of construction in equal monthly installments, to bear interest at the rate not exceeding six (6%) percent per annum, due and payable in full in one (l) year pursuant to the provisions of 53 P.S. §68303.

7. Powers and Authority of Inspectors. The authority anal/or authority engineer and other duly authorized representatives or employees of the authority bearing proper credentials and identification shall be permitted, at all reasonable times, to enter upon any premises connected or about to be connected or required to be connected to the water system for the purpose of inspection and testing in accordance with the provisions of this Part and the Act.

8. Rates and Charges Payable by Those Required to Connect. The owner of property required to connect shall be responsible for paying the tapping fee, connection charge and water rates, in accordance with the authority's applicable resolution, beginning on the date such owner is required to connect to the water system. This responsibility shall continue whether or not the property is actually connected.

9. Required Permits. No person shall connect to the water system or otherwise use, alter or disturb said system in any manner without first filing an application far and obtaining a permit, in writing, from the authority. (Ord. 174, 11/22/2005, §§301-309)