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No such well shall be located closer to the nearest part of any existing or proposed onsite sewage disposal system or septic tank (whether on land of applicant or adjoining lands) than one hundred (100) feet. The applicant shall present an accurate scale plan Showing the location of all existing or proposed wells and existing or proposed sewage disposal systems or septic tanks on the lands of the applicant and on all immediately adjoining lands that may be affected by said. regulations. In the absence of an existing central sewage disposal System; no well shall. be permitted to be drilled where an onsite sewage disposal system or septic tank, whether on lands of the applicant Or on immediately adjacent; lands, first have been approved by said Sewage Enforcement Officer; and, furthermore, that no well permit shall be issued for a particular property until a sewage permit has been issued for said property. The accurate scale plan presented by the applicant for a well permit hereunder shall be the same scale plan as submitted for the sewage permit for the subject property, and shall indicate the location of any such sewage system of said property. (Ord. 128, 4/26/1994)