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Any activity conducted pursuant to a drainage plan approved by Township shall be performed in strict compliance with the provisions of the plan. Violations shall be treated in the following manner:

A. Any noncompliance with the provisions of the drainage plan that is identified by the Township Engineer, the Code Enforcement Officer or his designee in the course of inspections as specified in this Part shall be remedied by the developer according to the terms in this Part.

B. If at any time work does not conform to the approved drainage plan, including all conditions and specifications and modifications thereof, the Township Engineer or the Code Enforcement Officer shall issue a written notice to comply to the developer. Such notice shall set forth the nature of corrections required and the time within which corrections shall be made. Upon failure to comply within the time specified, the developer shall be considered in violation of this Part, and the Township shall issue a cease and desist order on all work on the site, including any building or other construction, until corrections are made. If corrections are not undertaken within a specified time or the developer violates the cease and desist order: (1) penalties shall be imposed and/or (2) the work shall be completed by the Township and the costs charged to the developer. (Ord. 181, 10/11/2006, §805)