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It shall be a violation of this Part to commit or permit any other person to commit any of the following acts:

A. To commence regulated activities prior to obtaining unconditional approval of a drainage plan or in violation of the terms or conditions of a drainage plan approved under this Part.

B. To install, repair, modify or alter stormwater management facilities prior to obtaining approvals under this Part, or, in a manner which violates the terms and conditions of any approval issued under this Part.

C. To misuse or fail to maintain any stormwater management facility installed upon a property.

D. To construct any improvements upon, grade, fill or take any other action which will impair the proper functioning of any stormwater management facility.

E. To place false information on, or, omit relevant information from an application for approval under this Part.

F. To fail to comply with any other provisions of this Part. (Ord. 181, 10/11/2006, §803)