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1. Maintenance or stormwater management facilities during development of a development site shall be the responsibility of the developer and the landowner.

2. The developer and the landowner shall maintain stormwater management facilities during development of a development site which shall include, but not be limited to:

A. Removal of silt from all stormwater management facilities not utilized for sediment and erosion control measures when twenty (20%) percent of capacity is filled with silt; provided, however, that in no case shall the sediment level be permitted to build up higher than one (1) foot below the principal outlet crest. At this elevation, clean out shall be performed to restore the original design volume to the basin or other Structure. The elevation corresponding to the maximum allowable sediment level shall be determined and stated in the design data as a distance below the top of the riser. The elevation shall be clearly marked on the riser to enable proper maintenance. Sediment basins must be maintained in conformance with Chapter 102.

B. Periodic maintenance of temporary control stormwater management facilities such as replacement of straw bale dikes, straw filters or similar measures.

C. Establishment or reestablishment of vegetation by seeding and mulching or sodding of scoured areas or areas where vegetation has not successfully been established.

D. Flush all storm sewers and structures which received sediment laden waters.

E. Installation of necessary controls to correct unforeseen problems caused by storm events within design frequencies.

F. Removal of all temporary stormwater management facilities upon installation of permanent stormwater management facilities at completion of the development. (Ord. 181, 10/11/2006, §702)