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The applicant shall submit a complete drainage plan application, with all required plans and supplemental materials, as specified in this Part. No application is complete without the required fee. For any activities that require an NPDES permit for stormwater discharges from construction activities, or a DEP joint permit application, or a PennDOT highway occupancy permit, or any other permit under applicable state or Federal regulations, or are regulated under Chapter 105 or Chapter 106, the proof of application for said permit(s) or approvals shall be part of the drainage plan application. The application shall be coordinated with the State and Federal permit process and the SALDO [Chapter 22] review process.

A. For those regulated activities which require SALDO [Chapter 22] approval, the drainage plan and ERSAM shall be submitted by the applicant as part of the preliminary plan submission.

B. For those regulated activities that do not require SALDO [Chapter 22] approval, see §231, “General Requirements.”

C. Six (6) copies of the drainage plan shall be submitted and distributed as follows:

1. Two (2) copies to the Township.

2. Two (2) copies to the Conservation District.

3. One (1) copy to the Township Engineer.

4. One (1) copy to the County Planning Commission.

D. Any submissions found incomplete shall not be accepted for review and shall be returned to the applicant with a notification in writing of the specific manner in which the submission is incomplete. (Ord. 181, 10/11/2006, §404)