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1. Exemptions. The following land use activities are exempt from the drainage plan submission requirements of this Part:

A. Use of land for gardening for home consumption.

B. Agriculture when operated in accordance with a conservation plan or erosion and sediment control plan found adequate by the Conservation District.

C. Forest management operations which are following the DEP management practices contained in its publication “Soil Erosion and Sedimentation (E & S) Control Guidelines for Forestry” and are operating under an approved erosion and sedimentation control plan. Forest management operations shall comply with stream buffer requirements in §223 and floodplain management requirements.

D. Impervious Surface. Any regulated activity that has less than five thousand (5,000) square foot of impervious surface and/or meets the following exemption criteria is exempt from the plan submittal provisions of this Part. These criteria shall apply to the total parent tract development even if development is to take place in phases. Impervious areas existing on the parent tract prior to date set forth in the definition of parent tract shall not be considered in cumulative impervious area calculations for exemption purposes.

2. Additional exemption criteria includes:

A. Exemption Responsibilities. An exemption shall not relieve the applicant from implementing such measures as are necessary to protect the public health, safety, and property. An exemption shall not relieve the applicant from providing adequate stormwater management for regulated activities to meet the purpose of this Part; however, drainage plans will not have to be submitted to the Township.

B. This exemption shall not relieve the applicant from meeting the special requirements for watersheds draining to exceptional value (EV) waters and source water protection areas (SWPA); requirements for nonstructural project design sequencing (§222); water quality and streambank erosion (§223); and groundwater recharge (§224).

C. Drainage Problems. If a drainage problem is documented or known to exist downstream of, or expected from the proposed activity, then the Township may require a drainage plan submittal. (Ord. 181, 10/11/2006, §402)