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The following activities are defined as “regulated activities” and shall be regulated by this Part:

A. Land development.

B. Subdivisions.

C. Alteration of the natural hydrologic regime.

D. Construction of/or additional impervious or semi-pervious surfaces (driveways, parking lots, roads).

E. Construction of new buildings or additions to existing buildings.

F. Redevelopment of a site which will increase runoff or change a discharge point. Any redevelopment that does not increase the runoff must still comply with §223, “Water Quality and Streambank Erosion,” and §224, “Ground Water Recharge.”

G. Diversion, piping, or encroachments in any natural or man-made channel.

H. Nonstructural and structural stormwater management BMP’s or appurtenances thereto.

I. Stream enhancement or restoration projects.

J. All buildings or improvements to land which create impervious surfaces in the Flory Pond drainage area contained within Smithfield Township. [Ord. 203] (Ord. 181, 10/11/2006, §105; as amended by Ord. 203, 10/25/2011, §2)