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1. This Part shall apply to all areas of the Township. Appendix D of this Part identifies the portions of the Township which are located within the Brodhead Creek Watershed and the Delaware River Watershed, and portions of this Part apply only to lands within the Brodhead Creek Watershed or to lands within the Delaware River Watershed, as delineated in Appendix D.

2. This Part contains only the stormwater management performance standards and design criteria that are necessary or desirable from a watershed-wide perspective. Local stormwater management design criteria (e.g., inlet spacing, inlet type, collection system design and details, outlet structure design, etc.) shall continue to be regulated by the applicable Township Ordinances and applicable State Regulations.

3. The Township may after consultation with DEP approve alternative methods for meriting the State Water Quality Requirements other than those in this Part, provided that they meet the minimum requirements of, and do not conflict with, State law including, but not limited to, the Clean Streams Law and the Pennsylvania Stormwater BMP Manual, as revised.

4. The provisions, regulations, limitations, and restrictions of this Part governing maintenance of stormwater management facilities shall apply to all stormwater management facilities existing on the date of this Part or installed after the date of this Part and shall apply to all persons responsible for maintenance of such stormwater management facilities and all persons who own or occupy the land upon such stormwater management facilities are located.

5. The provisions, regulations, limitations, and restrictions of this Part governing grading, erosion and sedimentation control, excavation, and other earth disturbance activities shall apply to all persons performing any such activities within the Township and to all landowners of lots upon which such activities are performed.

6. No person shall use or modify any land or watercourse, and no person shall disturb, move, strip or modify the earth, and no person shall build, install or extend any structure or other impervious surface or semi-impervious surface without full compliance with the terms of this Part and other applicable regulations.

7. It shall be the responsibility of the developer and, if different, the landowner, to insure that all contractors, agents, or other persons comply with all requirements of the ordinance and with any approved drainage plan or stormwater management permit. (Ord. 181, 10/11/2006, §104)