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The purpose of this Part is to promote the public health, safety, and welfare within the Township, including the areas within the Brodhead Creek and Delaware River Watersheds, by maintaining the natural hydrologic regime by minimizing the impacts described in §201 of this Part through provisions designed to:

A. Promote alternative project designs and layout that minimizes impacts to surface and ground water.

B. Promote nonstructural BMP’s.

C. Minimize increases in stormwater volume.

D. Minimize impervious surfaces.

E. Manage accelerated runoff and erosion and sedimentation problems at their source by regulating activities that cause these problems during construction.

F. Utilize and preserve the existing natural drainage systems.

G. Encourage recharge of groundwater where appropriate and prevent degradation of groundwater quality.

H. Address the quality and quantity of stormwater discharges from the development site.

I. Maintain existing baseflow and quality of streams and watercourses in the municipality and the Commonwealth.

J. Preserve and restore the flood-carrying capacity of streams.

K. Provide proper maintenance of all permanent stormwater management facilities that are existing and which may be constructed in the Township in the future.

L. Provide performance standards and design criteria for watershed-wide stormwater management and planning. (Ord. 181, 10/11/2006, §102)