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It shall be unlawful for the applicant/developer or any other person, firm or corporation owning or controlling any land in the Township to initiate a land development or subdivide any lot, tract or parcel of land or to lay out, construct, open or dedicate for public use or travel any street, sanitary or storm sewer drainage facility or other facility in connection therewith for the common use of occupants of buildings located within the subdivision and land development unless the following are completed:

A. Final plans of such subdivision and land development shall have been prepared and signed by and sealed by a professional engineer or land surveyor or landscape architect, as permitted by the appropriate licensure laws, duly and currently registered in the State of Pennsylvania.

B. Submitted to and approved, in writing, thereon by the Smithfield Township Supervisors.

C. Recorded in the Monroe County Recorder of Deeds Office in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

D. The improvements required by the Board of Supervisors in connection therewith have either been constructed or the Board of Supervisors has been assured of proper completion by the deposit of funds or securities in escrow, sufficient to cover the cost of the required improvements and inspections as determined by the methods set forth by this Chapter. (Ord. 208, 9/25/2012, §205)