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1. Access driveways shall be located in such manner that they will not cause the following:

A. A hazard to the free movement of normal traffic.

2. Driveways shall be located where the roadway alignment and profile are favorable.

A. Where adequate sight distances cannot be attained, the location of the driveway shall be at the discretion of the Township Roadmaster.

3. Where driveway approach and roadway pavement meet, the driveway approach shall be flared to allow safe, easy turning of the vehicle when entering or departing from the driveway.

4. Frontages of one hundred (100) feet or less shall be limited to one (1) driveway.

5. Normally not more than two (2) driveways shall be provided to any single property tract or business establishment.

A. Exception may be made where the frontage exceeds five hundred (500) feet. (Said exception shall be approved by the Board of Supervisors.)

6. All driveways shall be constructed in such a manner as not to impair drainage within the roadway right-of-way, alter the stability of the roadway subgrade or materially change the drainage of adjacent areas.

A. Where open shoulders or berms exist, the grade of the driveway shall slope away from the highway pavement at the same rate as the existing shoulder for the prevailing width of the shoulder.

B. Where a drainage ditch or swale exists, adequate pipe shall be installed under the driveway (by the permittee) in accordance with Township specifications.

C. Driveways shall be appropriately surfaced between the traveled road and the property line with a stabilized material or a higher material when specified by the Township Roadmaster. (Ord. 128, 4/26/1994)