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1. Mandatory Municipal Waste Collection Services. Every owner or occupant of residential homes, apartments, multi-family dwellings, multifamily residential properties and other residential establishments shall contract with an individual, entity or firm that is an authorized collector to have all municipal waste, generated on the premises by any of the occupants, removed and deposited at a permitted facility on a weekly basis or more often.

2. Scheduled Collection Days for Municipal Waste. Authorized collectors shall schedule collection days, at least once per week, during which municipal waste is to be placed at the curbside, or similar location on the premises, for collection.

3. Authorized collectors shall be responsible to distribute recycling information outlining program details to each customer twice annually, once every six (6) months, compliant with the requirements of the Township and Act 101. A copy of said information shall be provided to the Township at the time of distribution.

4. Authorized collectors contracted for residential municipal waste collection shall offer a variable rate pricing, a base price for specified number of thirty (30) gallon containers of municipal waste. Collection of municipal waste in excess of the base amount shall be priced on specified incremental volumes or per thirty (30) gallon container.

5. Proof of Contract Required. Whenever requested by the Township, the owner or occupant of any residential establishment shall present proof, adequate in the judgment of the Township, that the owner or occupant of said residential establishment has a current contract with an authorized collector to dispose of municipal waste generated on the premises on a weekly basis or more often. The owner or occupant of the premises shall have seventy-two (72) hours to provide proof to the Township that the owner or occupant has a current contract with an authorized collector to provide sufficient service to satisfy the terms and conditions of this Part.

6. Duties of Collectors. Any authorized collector picking up municipal waste in the Township shall be required to advise the Township in writing, within seventy-two (72) hours after request from the Township, as to whether an owner or occupant has a current contract for municipal waste disposal from his/her premises. Further, all authorized collectors shall cooperate with the Township in providing information in the event that an action is taken to enforce the terms and conditions of this Part.

7. If persons or establishments, being so authorized by the terms hereof, collect and remove their own municipal waste and/or recyclables, they shall do so at a minimum of once weekly for municipal waste and at least twice per month for source-separated recyclables and leaf waste, or more often as necessary, in order to prevent odors, vectors or accumulations of refuse or garbage that are unsafe, unsightly or potentially harmful to the public health. Any municipal waste so removed shall be disposed of in accordance with the requirements of this Part.

8. No person other than an authorized collector shall collect or remove municipal waste or recyclables from any other person’s property, unless otherwise provided for herein. All agreements for collection, transportation and disposition of municipal waste and/or recyclables shall be by private contract between the owner and/or occupant of the property where the material is generated or on their behalf by a properly authorized property owners’ association and the collector who is authorized to collect the same.

9. Nothing herein shall limit the right of the Township to implement public collection of solid waste and/or recyclables either by entering into contracts with a single (or more) authorized collector or by engaging in any collection practice permitted by law.

10. Nothing in this Section shall modify the requirements in this Part pertaining to the separation and collection of recyclables. (Ord. 217, 12/8/2015, §100-14)