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Any person accumulating or storing municipal waste or recyclables on private or public property within the Township, including recyclables assembled within a property owners’ association, for any purpose whatsoever shall place the same, or cause the same to be placed, in a closed or covered sanitary container, in accordance with the following standards:

A. Containers used for the storage of municipal waste shall be of plastic or metal construction, equipped with lids, and waterproof. The size, style and color of these containers shall be determined by the authorized collectors and such containers shall be approved by the Township. The containers shall be supplied by the authorized collectors.

B. No person, except the occupants of the property on which a waste container is placed, an authorized collector, the Township Zoning Officer or such other person as the Township may designate, and/or a duly authorized agent or representative of a property owners’ association or corporation recognized as such by the Township, shall remove the lids of the container and/or remove the contents thereof.

C. All recyclables will be placed in the abovementioned containers. Prior to such placement. All containers shall be rinsed and cleaned prior to placement in the recycling container for curbside pickup. (Ord. 217, 12/8/2015, §100-13)