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1. For residential properties, all recyclables which are required to be kept separate from municipal waste and shall be placed at curbside or some appropriate location on the premises designated by the authorized collector to be collected at times designated by the authorized collector or agent. The preparation for collection of recyclable materials shall be made in accordance with the instructions provided by the authorized collector and which are consistent with the terms of this Part. The frequency of such collection shall be not less than twice per calendar month during the weeks of each month as determined by each authorized collector. Each authorized, collector shall identify and inform its customers of the designated day during the weeks of each month which separated recyclable materials are to be placed at the curbside, or similar location on the premises, for collection.

2. An owner, landlord or agent of an owner or landlord of multifamily residential housing properties with four (4) or more units or the residents of multifamily residential properties acting by and through a duly constituted property owners’ association who may contract with an authorized collector and aggregate municipal waste or recycling collection points, shall establish a collection system for recyclable materials at each property and pickup by an authorized collector.

3. The collection system must include suitable containers for collection and sorting materials, easily accessible locations for the containers, and written instructions to the occupants or residents concerning the use and availability of the collection system.

A. Owners, landlords, agents of an owner or property owners’ associations shall complete a form to be designated “recycling report,” to be provided by the Township. Each such quarterly report shall be submitted on or before the last day of the first month of each quarter for the preceding quarter. Quarters shall run on a calendar-year basis thus: January through March; April through June; July through September; and October through December. Such owners, landlords, agents and homeowners’ associations may comply with the reporting requirements hereunder by requiring their municipal waste collector to provide said documentation and certification directly to the Township.

B. Owners, landlords and agents of owners or landlords who comply with the aforementioned requirements shall not be liable for the noncompliance of occupants of their building. (Ord. 217, 12/8/2015, §100-8)