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1. General Requirements. An adequate and safe sewerage system shall be provided in all parks for conveying and disposing of sewage from mobilehomes, service buildings and other accessory facilities:

2. Individual Sewer Connections.

A. Each mobilehome stand shall be provided least a four (4) inch diameter sewer riser pipe. This sewer riser pipe shall be embedded in poured concrete, minimum twelve (12) inch diameter and minimum eighteen (18) inch depth. The rim of the riser pipe shall extended at least one-half (½) inch above the ground elevation. The sewer riser pipe shall be so located on each stand that the sewer connection to the mobilehome drain outlet will approximate a vertical position.

B. The sewer connection (see §101 for definition) shall have a nominal inside diameter of not less than three (3) inches, and the slope of any portion thereof shall be at least one-fourth (1) inch per foot. All joints shall be watertight.

C. All materials used for sewer connection shall be semi-rigid, corrosive resistant, nonabsorbent and durable. The inner surface shall be smooth.

D. Provisions shall be made for plugging, the sewer riser pipe when a mobilehome does not occupy the lot. Surface drainage shall be diverted away from the riser. (Ord. 128, 4/26/1994)