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1. General Requirements. An adequate supply of water shall be provided for mobilehomes, service buildings, and other accessory facilities as required by this Part. Where a public water supply system of satisfactory quantity, quality and pressure is available, connection shall be made thereto and its supply shall be used exclusively. Where a satisfactory public water supply system is not available, the development of a private water supply system shall be approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources or other authorities having jurisdiction over water supply systems.

2. Fire Hydrants. Where a public supply of water is provided, fire hydrants shall be installed as agreed upon by the Zoning Officer and the agency responsible for supplying water.

3. Individual Water-Riser Pipes and Connections.

A. Individual water-riser pipes shall be located within the confined area of the mobilehome stand at a point where the water connection will approximate a vertical position, thereby insuring the shortest water connection possible and decreasing susceptibility to water pipe freezing.

B. The water-riser pipe shall have a minimum inside diameter of three-quarter (3/4) inches and terminate at least four (4) inches above the ground surface. The water outlet shall be provided with a cap when a mobilehome does not occupy the lot.

C. Adequate provisions shall be made to prevent freezing of service lines, valves and riser pipe and to protect risers from heaving and shoving actions of ground during freezing weather. Surface drainage shall be diverted from the location of the riser pipe.

D. A shut-off water valve below the frost line shall be provided near the water-riser pipe in each mobilehome lot. Underground stop-and-waste valves are prohibited unless their types of manufacturing and their method of installation are approved by the Smithfield Township Supervisors. (Ord. 128, 4/26/1994)