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1. License Required. It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain, construct, alter or extend any mobilehome/recreational vehicle park within the limits of the Township of Smithfield unless he holds a license issued by the Zoning Officer in the name of such person for the specific maintenance, construction, alteration, or extension proposed. The Township license shall be conspicuously posted in the office or on the premises of the park at all times.

2. Application to Smithfield Township. The applicant shall also submit an application to the Zoning Officer using a form furnished by the Township of Smithfield for a license to operate a mobilehome park in the Township of Smithfield.

3. Inspection of Mobilehome/Recreational Vehicle Parks. The Zoning Officer may inspect a mobilehome/recreational vehicle park at reasonable intervals, and at reasonable times, to determine compliance with this Part.

4. Compliance of Existing Parks.

A. Parks in existence as of the date of adoption of this Part may be continued so long as they otherwise remain lawful. [Ord. 133]

B. Any subsequent new construction, alteration or extension of an existing park shall comply with the provisions of the Smithfield Township Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances (Chapters 22 and 27].

C. Any existing park which, in the opinion of the Zoning Officer, creates a safety hazard shall be required to comply with this Part within a reasonable period of time as determined by the Smithfield Township Supervisors.

5. Individual Mobilehomes. Individual mobilehomes permitted in areas as set forth in the Zoning Ordinance [Chapter 27] and not located in a mobilehome park shall not be required to obtain zoning and building permits as prescribed by the Smithfield Township ordinances. Individual mobile-homes. shall comply with all other applicable municipal ordinances and regulations governing single-family homes.

6. Inspection; Revocation of License; Appeals. Whenever, upon inspection of any park, it is determined that conditions or practices exist which are in violation of any provision of this Part, or of any regulations adopted pursuant hereto, the Zoning Officer shall give notice in wiring in accordance with the provisions of this Part to the person to whom the license was issued, advising him that unless such conditions or practices are corrected within a reasonable period of time specified in the notice, the license to operate in the Township of Smithfield shall be suspended.

At the end of such period, such park shall be inspected and, if such conditions or practices have not been corrected, the Zoning Officer shall suspend the license and give notice in writing of such suspension to the person to whom the license is issued. The licensee or applicant may appeal the decision of the Zoning Officer by petitioning for a hearing within ten (10) days of the decision. Within thirty (30) days of the petition the Smithfield Township Supervisors shall hold a hearing and render its decision. (Ord. 128, 4/26/1994; as amended by Ord. 133, 1/28/1997, §13)