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The compensation of Supervisors, when acting as Superintendents, Roadmasters or laborers, shall be fixed by the Township Auditors either per hour, per day, per week, semi-monthly or monthly, which compensation shall not exceed compensation paid in the locality for similar services and such other reasonable compensation for the use of a passenger car, or two-axled four-wheeled motor truck having a chassis weight of less than two thousand (2000) pounds and a maximum gross weight of five thousand (5000) pounds, or a class 2 truck, having a maximum gross weight of seven thousand (7000) pounds when required and actually used for the transportation of road and bridge laborers and their hand tools and for the distribution of cinders and patching material from a stock pile, as the Auditors shall determine and approve; but no Supervisor shall receive compensation as a Superintendent or Roadmaster for any time he spends attending a meeting of Supervisors. (Ord. 98, 8/25/1987, §3)